Yerba Mate handmade horn cup - Guampa.


This is a beautiful handmade horn cup called "guampa" with carved designs on top and bottom of the front part. The guampa is used to drink mate and terere from. This guampa was made by skilled paraguayan craftsman.

This guampa is 5.5 inches high and the rim is 8 inches in diameter.On the back of the rim there is a chain attached to hang it from.

The yerba mate or Ilex Paraguariensis, is a species of holly native to subtropical South America in northeastern Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil. 

There are two different drinks one can make with the yerba mate. During cold days the hot infusion of the "mate" is a common social practice in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina among people of all ages. And in hot summer days one can enjoy the refreshing "terere" very popular only in Paraguay.

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